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Warehouse Structures protective guard rail systems are painted safety yellow and provide a highly visible physical barrier that guards expensive equipment, shields key work areas, and helps define traffic patterns in your plant or facility.

Customers report that our Wilgard guard rail is the best available and Wildeck has the data to back that up. Tests confirm that properly installed Wilgard guard rail will absorb severe impacts from forklifts or other equipment...up to a 13,000 lb. load impact at 4 mph, without failure.


Wilgard Guard Rail systems can be ordered in single, double or triple
rail design. Column centers are identical for Standard and Lift-Out Guard
Rails. All guard rail components include necessary hardware and anchors.

In addition to the protective features of Wilgard Standard Guard Rails, Lift-Out Guard Rails allow for the easy removal of rail sections for convenient access to machinery or equipment for servicing, cleaning or repairing. Lift-Out Guard Rails slip into a specially designed "saddle", which is bolted to a post to retain structural integrity.

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